Solar Power is today the biggest alternative source of energy on earth with more than 175,000 MW installed worldwide. At Sunshot, we help you tap the power of the Sun to add value to your property.

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Tried and tested technology

Solar power has been tried and tested in a number of countries and has today reached a cumulative capacity of more than 175,000 MW worldwide. This growth is based on several factors

  • Scale in manufacturing has reduced cost of production
  • Installation experience in variety of climates has given a rich database of plant performance
  • Component manufacturers' expertise enables them to back up components with warranties
177 GW Have been installed 20 Countries have now passed the 1 GW Mark In 2014 the top 3 world countries

Quality Components

Availability of quality and standard components has greatly increased the reliability of solar power. A typical on-site solar power plant has three major components / component groups

  • Solar Modules – These are based on photovoltaic technology. They convert the sun's light (photons) to electricity (electrons).
  • Inverters – The inverter converts DC power produced by the solar modules to AC power usable in general applications. It also controls the amount of power generated by the plant.
  • Balance of system – These include structures, cabling and other electrical components required for setting up the solar power plant.
Quality Components Quality Components Quality Components

Modular and Scalable Application

Solar power plants are modular. They can be installed on single or multiple locations. Consumers have the flexibility to increase the capacity of their solar power plants as their consumption increases.

Modular and Scalable Application
100kW solar
roof top solar
  • 1,000 square metres area
  • 1.5 lakh units electricity per yr
  • 150 tonnes less carbon per yr

The rapid rise of Solar Power in the past few years is due to its many benefits –

  • It is cost competitive with thermal power
  • It does not depend on availability and price fluctuation of fossil fuels
  • It is a source of clean power

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Solar power plants have no moving parts, require no fuel and are about as predictable as the daily movement of the earth around the sun. Solar power plants require little else apart from regular cleaning and preventive maintenance of various components. Compared to other forms of power generation and industrial equipment, solar power is one of the easiest, cleanest and most hassle free forms of equipment to have on your premises.

Negligible transmission losses

On-site solar power is located close to the point of consumption. There is no need for transformers, transmission lines and other last mile distribution infrastructure. Consumers therefore get almost the entire power generated by On-site solar plants.

Negligible Transmission Losses

Start to finish in 120 days

On receiving handover of the site, our team is capable of delivering the entire project within 120 days. With the cooperation of the site owners, a well planned project can start delivering green power as well as commercial benefits within a matter of few weeks from conceptualization.

Start to finish in 120 days